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Boy Scout Troop 1332
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Welcome to Troop 1332 - Spring, Texas

Hello. We are glad you are taking the time tolearn about Troop 1332; what we do and how we have fun. The scouts andleaders of Troop 1332 are proud of the troop and our 30+ years ofaccomplishments. The troop's goal and mission is to work with young menso they will become proud, productive members of our society by participating in activities that are designed to be fun while accomplishing goals and learning skills. 

Who, What, When, Where and Why?

The troop welcomes all young men that are 11 years old, or who has completed the fifth grade or earned theArrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18years old.

Scouting offers a fun and educational environment with experiences that last a life time and provide life skills.  Troop 1332 adult leaders are often heard to say that if the young men are not having fun, we are not doing it right and we need to know if the young men are not having fun, so feedback is welcomed. 

  • The troop meets weekly on Tuesday nights at 7:30 and normally finished between 8:30 and 9:00 PM.
  • The troop is active and conducts monthly activities that include camping, scout fair, week long camps and more.  See the event calendar for a list of planned events for the balance of the year.  The young men, working with adult leaders, decide what activities they want to do each month, weather it is canoeing, climbing, field sports, or camping and skill development.  The annual planning meeting is held in August every year.
The weekly meeting are currently held at the Charterwood Clubhouse located at 9818 Rodgers Road, Houston, Texas, 77070. This location is at the intersection of Rodgers Road and Pillot Gulley. Map.

  • Because Troop 1332 has a strong tradition of being boy led and boy run, meaning the young men in the troop make the decisions under supervision which allows them to learn in a safe environment while the boys plan the activities and execute them in a structured environment.
  • This means that the boys choose their activities. 
  • The adult leadership at Troop 1332 is a unique mix of parents with current scouts along with a core group of adults who are committed to scouting whose children have aged out of scouting.  The dedication of this mix of adults in Troop 1332 offers a wealth of opportunities to the young men to get involved, have fun while learning (even if they don't realize the educational value at the time) and perhaps most importantly, it provides Troop 1332 with stability from year to year that has allowed to have a 30+ year history of success with young adults.